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      Now lets put 2 and 2 together here:- Rockefeller tgruoh a CFR pon, Imam Feisal (sitting member of the CFR’s Religious Advisory Committee) plans to build a mosk near ground zero knowing that this would stir up 911 sentiments.(This can only be done if the majority of the people still think that that was done by some Islamitic people which they obviously do otherwise they wouldn’t bother)- Than comes some dumb ass Florida pastor Terry Jones who plans a mass burning of copies of the Islamic Quran for Sept. 11 in reaction also knowing this would get some great deal of publicity.(One wonders if some Rockefeller mind contol pon is behind this too?)- Of cause the press (owned by the Rockefellers) makes sure this news reaches the Islamitic countries and Afghanistan in particular.- This News evokes even more anger among the Afghanistan people stirred up by the local Imams (as usual) and the population is ignited for attacking a NATO base in which one Afghan gets killed.- This News is happily send back to the U.S. to make the circle round. Rockefeller Mission Acomplished and your wrong cause this is connected as I pointed out here.Of cause I don’t deny that the Afghan people are fed up with their occupation but this was the ignition of the allready exsiting powder keg aka anger.Instead of the American people attacking the ones who organized 911 they still, in their ignorance, go against the Islamtic people.

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